[][src]Trait nrf52832_hal::prelude::_embedded_hal_blocking_spi_Write

pub trait _embedded_hal_blocking_spi_Write<W> {
type Error;
    fn write(&mut self, words: &[W]) -> Result<(), Self::Error>;

Blocking write

Associated Types

type Error

Error type

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Required methods

fn write(&mut self, words: &[W]) -> Result<(), Self::Error>

Sends words to the slave, ignoring all the incoming words

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impl<T> Write<u8> for Spim<T> where
    T: SpimExt

type Error = Error

impl<W, S> Write<W> for S where
    S: Default<W>,
    W: Clone

type Error = <S as FullDuplex<W>>::Error

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