[][src]Trait nonzero_ext::NonZeroAble

pub trait NonZeroAble {
    type NonZero: NonZero;
    fn as_nonzero(self) -> Option<Self::NonZero>;
unsafe fn as_nonzero_unchecked(self) -> Self::NonZero; }

A trait identifying integral types that have a non-zeroable equivalent.

Associated Types

type NonZero: NonZero

The concrete non-zero type represented by an implementation of this trait. For example, for u8's implementation, it is NonZeroU8.

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Required methods

fn as_nonzero(self) -> Option<Self::NonZero>

Converts the integer to its non-zero equivalent.


Trying to convert zero

let n: u16 = 0;
assert_eq!(n.as_nonzero(), None);

Converting a non-zero value

let n: usize = 20;
let non0n: NonZeroUsize = n.as_nonzero().expect("should result in a converted value");
assert_eq!(non0n.get(), 20);

unsafe fn as_nonzero_unchecked(self) -> Self::NonZero

Converts the integer to its non-zero equivalent without checking for zeroness.

This corresponds to the new_unchecked function on the corresponding NonZero type.

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Implementations on Foreign Types

impl NonZeroAble for u8[src]

impl NonZeroAble for u16[src]

impl NonZeroAble for u32[src]

impl NonZeroAble for u64[src]

impl NonZeroAble for u128[src]

impl NonZeroAble for usize[src]

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