Trait nom::error::ParseError[][src]

pub trait ParseError<I>: Sized {
    fn from_error_kind(input: I, kind: ErrorKind) -> Self;
fn append(input: I, kind: ErrorKind, other: Self) -> Self; fn from_char(input: I, _: char) -> Self { ... }
fn or(self, other: Self) -> Self { ... } }
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This trait must be implemented by the error type of a nom parser.

There are already implementations of it for (Input, ErrorKind) and VerboseError<Input>.

It provides methods to create an error from some combinators, and combine existing errors in combinators like alt.

Required methods

Creates an error from the input position and an ErrorKind

Combines an existing error with a new one created from the input position and an ErrorKind. This is useful when backtracking through a parse tree, accumulating error context on the way

Provided methods

Creates an error from an input position and an expected character

Combines two existing errors. This function is used to compare errors generated in various branches of alt.

Implementations on Foreign Types