[][src]Function nom::bits::bits

pub fn bits<I, O, E1: ParseError<(I, usize)> + ErrorConvert<E2>, E2: ParseError<I>, P>(
    parser: P
) -> impl Fn(I) -> IResult<I, O, E2> where
    I: Slice<RangeFrom<usize>>,
    P: Fn((I, usize)) -> IResult<(I, usize), O, E1>, 

Converts a byte-level input to a bit-level input, for consumption by a parser that uses bits.

Afterwards, the input is converted back to a byte-level parser, with any remaining bits thrown away.


This example is not tested
use nom::bits::bits;
use nom::bits::complete::take_bits;

fn take_4_bits(input: &[u8]) -> IResult<&[u8], u64> {
  bits( take_bits(4usize) )(input)

let input = vec![0xAB, 0xCD, 0xEF, 0x12];
let sl    = &input[..];

assert_eq!(take_4_bits( sl ), Ok( (&sl[1..], 0xA) ));