[][src]Macro nom_whitespace::ws

macro_rules! ws {
    ($i:expr, $($args:tt)*) => { ... };

ws!(I -> IResult<I,O>) => I -> IResult<I, O>

transforms a parser to automatically consume whitespace between each token. By default, it takes the following characters: " \t\r\n".

If you need a whitespace parser consuming a different set of characters, you can make your own by reusing the sep! combinator.

To use ws!, pass your parser as argument:

named!(tuple<&[u8], (&[u8], &[u8]) >,
  ws!(tuple!( take!(3), tag!("de") ))

  tuple(&b" \t abc de fg"[..]),
 Ok((&b"fg"[..], (&b"abc"[..], &b"de"[..])))