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nom-tracable is an extension of nom to trace parser.


The following example show a quick example.

use nom::character::complete::*;
use nom::IResult;
use nom_locate::LocatedSpan;
use nom_tracable::{tracable_parser, TracableInfo};

// Input type must implement trait Tracable
// nom_locate::LocatedSpan<T, TracableInfo> implements it.
type Span<'a> = LocatedSpan<&'a str, TracableInfo>;

// Apply tracable_parser by custom attribute
pub fn term(s: Span) -> IResult<Span, String> {
    let (s, x) = char('1')(s)?;
    Ok((s, x.to_string()))

fn test() {
    // Configure trace setting
    let info = TracableInfo::new().forward(true).backward(true);
    let ret = term(LocatedSpan::new_extra("1", info));
    assert_eq!("\"1\"", format!("{:?}", ret.unwrap().1));


Struct to have trace configuration.


Trait to indicate the type can display as fragment.

Trait to indicate TracableInfo is provided.

Trait to indicate the type has information for tracing.


Show cumulative histogram of parser call count.

Show histogram of parser call count.

Attribute Macros

Custom attribute to enable trace