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nom-tracable is an extension of nom to trace parser.


The following example show a quick example.

use nom::character::complete::*;
use nom::IResult;
use nom_locate::LocatedSpan;
use nom_tracable::{tracable_parser, TracableInfo};

// Input type must implement trait Tracable
// nom_locate::LocatedSpan<T, TracableInfo> implements it.
type Span<'a> = LocatedSpan<&'a str, TracableInfo>;

// Apply tracable_parser by custom attribute
pub fn term(s: Span) -> IResult<Span, String> {
    let (s, x) = char('1')(s)?;
    Ok((s, x.to_string()))

fn test() {
    // Configure trace setting
    let info = TracableInfo::new().forward(true).backward(true);
    let ret = term(LocatedSpan::new_extra("1", info));
    assert_eq!("\"1\"", format!("{:?}", ret.unwrap().1));




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