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This crate provides a set of Lock-Free algorithms and Datastructures


  • queues: Enables all the Queues
  • async: Enables all the Async-Version of the Algorithms/Datastructures
  • thread_data: Enables the ThreadData Module
  • hazard_ptr: Enables the Hazard-Ptr implementation
  • allocator: Enables the Allocators
  • full: Enables all the Feature-Flags


  • hash_trie: Enables the Hash-Trie-Map implementation


A Collection of Lock-Free Allocators than can easily be used in your own Rust Programs

A simple implementation of Hazard-Pointers, that also supports having multiple Hazard-Pointer-Domains

This module provides a variety of different Queue implementations that are useful for different use-cases

Thread-Local Lock-Free Storage