Crate nextest_runner

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Core functionality for cargo nextest. For a higher-level overview, see that documentation.

For the basic flow of operations in nextest, see this blog post.


  • Support for emulating Cargo’s configuration file discovery.
  • Configuration support for nextest.
  • Support for double-spawning test processes.
  • Errors produced by nextest.
  • Support for indenting multi-line displays.
  • Support for building and querying lists of test instances and test binaries.
  • Support for partitioning test runs across several machines.
  • Platform-related data structures.
  • Redact data that varies by system and OS to produce a stable output.
  • Prints out and aggregates test execution statuses.
  • Reuse builds performed earlier.
  • The test runner.
  • Functionality for showing configuration output of various kinds.
  • Support for handling signals in nextest.
  • Support for target runners
  • Filtering tests based on user-specified parameters.
  • Utilities for capture output from tests run in a child process
  • Support for string-only writes.