Crate neuroformats[][src]

Rust implementation of several structural neuroimaging file formats.

The focus of this package is on reading surface-based brain morphometry data as produced from MRI images by FreeSurfer, CAT12 and similar software packages.


pub use fs_curv::FsCurvHeader;
pub use fs_curv::FsCurv;
pub use fs_curv::read_curv;
pub use fs_curv::write_curv;
pub use fs_surface::FsSurfaceHeader;
pub use fs_surface::FsSurface;
pub use fs_surface::BrainMesh;
pub use fs_surface::read_surf;
pub use fs_surface::coord_center;
pub use fs_surface::coord_extrema;
pub use fs_surface::write_surf;
pub use fs_label::FsLabel;
pub use fs_label::read_label;
pub use fs_label::write_label;
pub use fs_annot::FsAnnot;
pub use fs_annot::FsAnnotColortable;
pub use fs_annot::read_annot;
pub use fs_mgh::FsMgh;
pub use fs_mgh::FsMghHeader;
pub use fs_mgh::FsMghData;
pub use fs_mgh::read_mgh;
pub use fs_mgh::write_mgh;
pub use fs_mgh::MRI_UCHAR;
pub use fs_mgh::MRI_INT;
pub use fs_mgh::MRI_FLOAT;
pub use fs_mgh::MRI_SHORT;
pub use util::vec32minmax;



Errors one may encounter when using neuroformats.


Functions for managing FreeSurfer brain surface parcellations in annot files.


Functions for managing FreeSurfer per-vertex data in binary ‘curv’ files.


Functions for reading FreeSurfer label files.


Functions for managing FreeSurfer brain volumes or other 3D or 4D data in binary ‘MGH’ files.


Functions for managing FreeSurfer brain surface meshes in binary ‘surf’ files.


Utility functions used in all other neuroformats modules.