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This module currently includes single Buf struct for holding buffers. Comparing to Vec class buffer has different allocation policy and has a marker of consumed data (i.e. already processed by protocol parser or already written to socket)

The Buf is deemed good both for input and output network buffer.

It also contains helper methods read_from and write_to which are used to read and append bytes from stream that implements Read and write bytes from buffer to a stream which implements Write respectively.

Note there are basically three ways to fill the buffer:

  • Buf::read_from -- preallocates some chunk and gives it to object implemeting Read
  • Write::write -- writes chunk to buffer assuming more data will follow shortly, i.e. it does large preallocations
  • Buf::extend -- writes chunk to buffer assuming it will not grow in the near perspective, so it allocates minimum chunk to hold the data

In other words you should use:

  • Buf::read_from -- to read from the network
  • Write::write -- when you are constructing object directly to the buffer incrementally
  • Buf::extend -- when you put whole object in place and give it to the network code for sending

More documentation is found in Buf object itself



A buffer object to be used for reading from network



Temporary type until the one in stdlib is made stable