[][src]Struct nes_rom::ines::Ines

pub struct Ines {
    pub header_version: HeaderVersion,
    pub mapper: u32,
    pub submapper: u8,
    pub prg_rom_size: u32,
    pub chr_rom_size: u32,
    pub ram: Ram,
    pub nametable_mirroring: NametableMirroring,
    pub console_type: ConsoleType,
    pub tv_system: TvSystem,
    pub bus_conflict: BusConflictType,
    pub game_input: GameInputType,
    pub contains_nvram: bool,
    pub contains_trainer: bool,
    pub misc_rom_chips: u8,
    pub vs_system: Option<(VsHardwareType, VsPpuType)>,
    pub prg_crc: u32,
    pub chr_crc: u32,
    pub trainer_data: Vec<u8>,
    pub prg_data: Vec<u8>,
    pub chr_data: Vec<u8>,
    pub misc_data: Vec<u8>,


header_version: HeaderVersionmapper: u32submapper: u8prg_rom_size: u32chr_rom_size: u32ram: Ramnametable_mirroring: NametableMirroringconsole_type: ConsoleTypetv_system: TvSystembus_conflict: BusConflictTypegame_input: GameInputTypecontains_nvram: boolcontains_trainer: boolmisc_rom_chips: u8vs_system: Option<(VsHardwareType, VsPpuType)>prg_crc: u32chr_crc: u32trainer_data: Vec<u8>prg_data: Vec<u8>chr_data: Vec<u8>misc_data: Vec<u8>


impl Ines[src]

pub fn new() -> Ines[src]

pub fn from_rom<R: Read + Seek>(file: R) -> Result<Ines, RomError>[src]

Load and parse .ines file


let ines = nes_rom::ines::Ines::from_rom(arg);

Trait Implementations

impl PartialEq<Ines> for Ines[src]

impl Clone for Ines[src]

default fn clone_from(&mut self, source: &Self)

Performs copy-assignment from source. Read more

impl Debug for Ines[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for Ines

impl Sync for Ines

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