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Dynamic config helpers for the NEAR codebase.

This crate contains utilities that allow to reconfigure the node while it is running.

§How to:

§Logging and tracing

Make changes to log_config.json and send SIGHUP signal to the neard process.

§Other config values

Makes changes to config.json and send SIGHUP signal to the neard process.

§Fields of config that can be changed while the node is running:
  • expected_shutdown: the specified block height neard will gracefully shutdown at.
§Changing other fields of config.json

The changes to other fields of config.json will be silently ignored as long as config.json remains a valid json object and passes internal validation.

Please be careful about making changes to config.json because when a node starts (or restarts), it checks the validity of the config files and crashes if detects any issues.