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Provides a stable api to rust crates for interfacing with the Android platform. It is initialized by the runtime, usually ndk-glue, but could also be initialized by Java or Kotlin code when embedding in an existing Android project.

let ctx = ndk_context::android_context();
let vm = unsafe { jni::JavaVM::from_raw(ctx.vm().cast()) }?;
let env = vm.attach_current_thread();
let class_ctx = env.find_class("android/content/Context")?;
let audio_service = env.get_static_field(class_ctx, "AUDIO_SERVICE", "Ljava/lang/String;")?;
let audio_manager = env
        ctx.context() as jni::sys::jobject,


AndroidContext provides the pointers required to interface with the jni on Android platforms.


Main entry point to this crate. Returns an AndroidContext.

Initializes the AndroidContext. AndroidContext is initialized by ndk-glue before main is called.

Removes the AndroidContext. It is released by ndk-glue when the activity is finished and destroyed.