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native_model is a Rust crate that acts as a thin wrapper around serialized data, adding identity and version information.

  • It aims to ensure:
    • Interoperability: Different applications can work together even if they use different data model versions.
    • Data Consistency: Ensures the data is processed as expected.
    • Flexibility: Allows the use of any serialization format. Mode details here.
    • Minimal Performance Overhead: Current performance has a minimal overhead see performance section.
  • Suitability:
    • Suitable for applications that are written in Rust, evolve independently, store data locally, and require incremental upgrades.
    • Not suitable for non-Rust applications, systems not controlled by the user, or when human-readable formats are needed.
  • Setup:
    • Users must define their own serialization format and data model. Mode details here.
  • Development Stage:
    • The crate is in early development, and performance is expected to improve over time.

See examples in the file.





  • Decode trait for your own decoding method.
  • Encode trait for your own encoding method.


Type Aliases§

Attribute Macros§

  • Macro which add identity and version to your rust type.