Module nannou::image

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Items related to working with images. Currently, this module simply re-exports the renown image crate which supports reading and writing PNG, JPEG, GIF, WEBP, BMP and more.


  • bmpDeprecated
    Decoding and Encoding of BMP Images
  • Iterators and other auxiliary structure for the ImageBuffer type.
  • Encoding and decoding for various image file formats.
  • ddsDeprecated
    Decoding of DDS images
  • dxtDeprecated
    Decoding of DXT (S3TC) compression
  • Contains detailed error representation.
  • farbfeldDeprecated
    Decoding of farbfeld images
  • Image representations for ffi.
  • gifDeprecated
    Decoding of GIF Images
  • hdrDeprecated
    Decoding of Radiance HDR Images
  • icoDeprecated
    Decoding and Encoding of ICO files
  • Image Processing Functions
  • Input and output of images.
  • jpegDeprecated
    Decoding and Encoding of JPEG Images
  • Mathematical helper functions and types.
  • pngDeprecated
    Decoding and Encoding of PNG Images
  • pnmDeprecated
    Decoding and Encoding of netpbm image formats (pbm, pgm, ppm and pam)
  • tgaDeprecated
    Decoding and Encoding of TGA Images
  • tiffDeprecated
    Decoding and Encoding of TIFF Images
  • webpDeprecated
    Decoding of WebP Images


  • BGR colors
  • BGR colors + alpha channel
  • The delay of a frame relative to the previous one.
  • A flat buffer over a (multi channel) image.
  • A single animation frame
  • An implementation dependent iterator, reading the frames as requested
  • Generic image buffer
  • Grayscale colors
  • Grayscale colors + alpha channel
  • Immutable pixel iterator
  • Represents the progress of an image operation.
  • RGB colors
  • RGB colors + alpha channel
  • A View into another image


  • An enumeration over supported color types and bit depths
  • A Dynamic Image
  • An enumeration of color types encountered in image formats.
  • The generic error type for image operations.
  • An enumeration of supported image formats. Not all formats support both encoding and decoding.
  • An enumeration of supported image formats for encoding.



  • Guess image format from memory block
  • Read the dimensions of the image located at the specified path. This is faster than fully loading the image and then getting its dimensions.
  • Create a new image from a Reader
  • Create a new image from a byte slice
  • Create a new image from a byte slice
  • Open the image located at the path specified. The image’s format is determined from the path’s file extension.
  • Saves the supplied buffer to a file at the path specified.
  • Saves the supplied buffer to a file at the path specified in the specified format.

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