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An open-source creative-coding toolkit for Rust.

Nannou is a collection of code aimed at making it easy for artists to express themselves with simple, fast, reliable, portable code. Whether working on a 12-month laser installation or a 5 minute sketch, this framework aims to give artists easy access to the tools they need.

If you're new to nannou, we recommend checking out the examples to get an idea of how nannou applications are structured and how the API works.


pub use conrod_core;
pub use conrod_vulkano;
pub use conrod_winit;
pub use daggy;
pub use find_folder;
pub use lyon;
pub use vulkano;
pub use vulkano_shaders;
pub use vulkano_win;
pub use winit;
pub use self::event::Event;
pub use self::frame::Frame;
pub use self::ui::Ui;
pub use crate::app::App;
pub use crate::app::LoopMode;
pub use crate::draw::Draw;



Items related to the App type and the application context in general.


Color items, including everything from rgb, hsb/l/v, lap, alpha, luma and more, provided by the palette crate. See the palette docs for more details or see the named module for a set of provided color constants.


A simple API for drawing 2D and 3D graphics. See the Draw type for more details.


A suite of common interpolation functions often referred to as "easing" and "tweening" functions. This API is provided by the pennereq crate.


Application, event loop and window event definitions and implementations.


Items related to the Frame type, describing a single frame of graphics for a single window.


Types, functions and other items related to geometry. This module is the source of all graphics and lazer primitives and aids work in 2D and 3D space.


Items related to working with images. Currently, this module simply re-exports the renown image crate which supports reading and writing PNG, JPEG, GIF, WEBP, BMP and more.


An extension of the std::io module. Includes functions for safely saving and loading files from any serializable types, along with functions specifically for working with JSON and TOML.


A mathematical foundation for nannou including point and vector types and a range of helper/utility functions.


An API for composing Meshs. Meshs may be composed of different sets of channels including position, color, texture-coordinate and normals. Note that this is quite a low-level representation. For a higher-level, graphics-related mesh API, see the draw module.


Items related to noise generation, API offered via the noise-rs crate.


A collection of commonly used items that we recommend importing for ease of use.


Items related to randomness and random number generators. Also provides some high-level helper functions including random_f32(), random_f64() and random_range(min, max).


Small tracked parts of the application state. Includes window, keys, mouse, time - each of which are stored in the App.


Text layout logic.


Extensions and utilities for working with time.


The User Interface API. Instantiate a Ui via app.new_ui().


Items related to Vulkan and the Rust API used by Nannou called Vulkano.


The nannou Window API. Create a new window via .app.new_window(). This produces a Builder which can be used to build a window.



Begin building the App.


Shorthand for building a simple app that has no model, handles no events and simply draws to a single window.