[][src]Struct rusoto_meteringmarketplace::MeterUsageRequest

pub struct MeterUsageRequest {
    pub dry_run: Option<bool>,
    pub product_code: String,
    pub timestamp: f64,
    pub usage_dimension: String,
    pub usage_quantity: Option<i64>,


dry_run: Option<bool>

Checks whether you have the permissions required for the action, but does not make the request. If you have the permissions, the request returns DryRunOperation; otherwise, it returns UnauthorizedException. Defaults to false if not specified.

product_code: String

Product code is used to uniquely identify a product in AWS Marketplace. The product code should be the same as the one used during the publishing of a new product.

timestamp: f64

Timestamp, in UTC, for which the usage is being reported. Your application can meter usage for up to one hour in the past. Make sure the timestamp value is not before the start of the software usage.

usage_dimension: String

It will be one of the fcp dimension name provided during the publishing of the product.

usage_quantity: Option<i64>

Consumption value for the hour. Defaults to 0 if not specified.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for MeterUsageRequest[src]

impl Debug for MeterUsageRequest[src]

impl Default for MeterUsageRequest[src]

impl PartialEq<MeterUsageRequest> for MeterUsageRequest[src]

impl Serialize for MeterUsageRequest[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for MeterUsageRequest[src]

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