[][src]Struct rusoto_kinesis_video_archived_media::GetMediaForFragmentListOutput

pub struct GetMediaForFragmentListOutput {
    pub content_type: Option<String>,
    pub payload: Option<Bytes>,


content_type: Option<String>

The content type of the requested media.

payload: Option<Bytes>

The payload that Kinesis Video Streams returns is a sequence of chunks from the specified stream. For information about the chunks, see PutMedia. The chunks that Kinesis Video Streams returns in the GetMediaForFragmentList call also include the following additional Matroska (MKV) tags:

  • AWSKINESISVIDEOFRAGMENTNUMBER - Fragment number returned in the chunk.

  • AWSKINESISVIDEOSERVERSIDETIMESTAMP - Server-side timestamp of the fragment.

  • AWSKINESISVIDEOPRODUCERSIDETIMESTAMP - Producer-side timestamp of the fragment.

The following tags will be included if an exception occurs:

  • AWSKINESISVIDEOFRAGMENTNUMBER - The number of the fragment that threw the exception

  • AWSKINESISVIDEOEXCEPTIONERRORCODE - The integer code of the exception

  • AWSKINESISVIDEOEXCEPTION_MESSAGE - A text description of the exception

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for GetMediaForFragmentListOutput[src]

impl Debug for GetMediaForFragmentListOutput[src]

impl Default for GetMediaForFragmentListOutput[src]

impl PartialEq<GetMediaForFragmentListOutput> for GetMediaForFragmentListOutput[src]

impl StructuralPartialEq for GetMediaForFragmentListOutput[src]

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