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A pretty, opinionated style for env_logger inspirated by pretty-env-logger.

It is not a goal of this crate to create a feature rich wrapper around env_logger. Instead it does provide a formater, which can be applied to the env_logger::Builder. Additional an optional function to create and register a zero config logger is provided.

Timestamp, emojis and modules can be disable separately.



with timestamps:



info!("Hello, world!");

This creates the default env_logger from environment variables and register it as logger.


You can also create an env_logger::Builder and apply the style definded at this crate, by using the format() function.

use log::info;
use my_env_logger_style::format;

info!("Hello, world!");


§time (default)

Enable RFC3339 timestamps


Allow using a custom formater to format the args (the actual message) of the log record. As example this can be used to avoid logging private userdata.





  • Create a preconfigured builder, with same configuration like just_log().
  • log formater witch can be used at the format() function of the env_logger::Builder.
  • return the current module len and set the module length to the maximum of the current value and the given len.
  • create and regstier a logger from the default environment variables
  • set_arg_formattercustom-arg-formatter
    Use a custom formater to format the args (the actual message) of the record . This function can only be called once and return an Error if called a second time.
  • set the timestamp precision or disable timestamps complete
  • enable or disabel showing emojis before the log level
  • enable or disabel showing the module path