Crate multi_structs [] [src]

A macro for generating a merged struct from multiple sub-structs.


extern crate multi_structs;

multi_structs! {
    /// The merged struct.
    struct Merged {
        /// Foo
        foo: struct Foo {
            /// a
            a: i32,
            /// b
            b: i64,
        /// Bar
        bar: struct Bar {
            /// c
            c: usize,
            /// d
            d: String,

fn main() {
    let foo = Foo { a: 1, b: 2 };
    let bar = Bar { c: 3, d: "aaa".to_string() };
    println!("{:?}, {:?}", foo, bar);
    let merged = Merged::new(foo, bar);
    println!("{:?}", merged);
    let (foo, bar) = merged.split();
    println!("{:?}, {:?}", foo, bar);

See example_generated for documentation of code generated by the above multi_structs! expansion.


All structs and fields involved are currently pub. This will likely gets changed in the future.


Attributes can be attached to any struct and field involved.


The following methods are defined for the merged struct:

  • new: create the new merged struct from multiple sub-structs.
  • split: split the merged struct into the sub-structs.



This module shows an example of code generated by the macro. IT MUST NOT BE USED OUTSIDE THIS CRATE.