[][src]Struct msql_srv::StatementMetaWriter

pub struct StatementMetaWriter<'a, W: Write> { /* fields omitted */ }

Convenience type for responding to a client PREPARE command.

This type should not be dropped without calling reply or error.


impl<'a, W: Write + 'a> StatementMetaWriter<'a, W>[src]

pub fn reply<PI, CI>(self, id: u32, params: PI, columns: CI) -> Result<()> where
    PI: IntoIterator<Item = &'a Column>,
    CI: IntoIterator<Item = &'a Column>,
    <PI as IntoIterator>::IntoIter: ExactSizeIterator,
    <CI as IntoIterator>::IntoIter: ExactSizeIterator

Reply to the client with the given meta-information.

id is a statement identifier that the client should supply when it later wants to execute this statement. params is a set of Column descriptors for the parameters the client must provide when executing the prepared statement. columns is a second set of Column descriptors for the values that will be returned in each row then the statement is later executed.

pub fn error<E: ?Sized>(self, kind: ErrorKind, msg: &E) -> Result<()> where
    E: Borrow<[u8]>, 

Reply to the client's PREPARE with an error.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<'a, W> Send for StatementMetaWriter<'a, W> where
    W: Send

impl<'a, W> Sync for StatementMetaWriter<'a, W> where
    W: Sync

impl<'a, W> Unpin for StatementMetaWriter<'a, W>

impl<'a, W> !UnwindSafe for StatementMetaWriter<'a, W>

impl<'a, W> RefUnwindSafe for StatementMetaWriter<'a, W> where
    W: RefUnwindSafe

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