[][src]Struct mshio::error::MshParserError

pub struct MshParserError<I> {
    pub backtrace: Vec<(I, MshParserErrorKind)>,

Error type returned by the crate when parsing fails


backtrace: Vec<(I, MshParserErrorKind)>

Error backtrace that contains per level a reference into the input where the error ocurred and the corresponding error kind


impl<I> MshParserError<I>[src]

pub fn begin_msh_errors(&self) -> impl Iterator<Item = &(I, MshParserErrorKind)>[src]

Iterator that skips all errors in the beginning of the backtrace that are not actual MSH format errors (i.e. internal nom parser errors)

pub fn filter_msh_errors(
) -> impl Iterator<Item = &(I, MshParserErrorKind)>

Iterator over all errors in the backtrace that are actual MSH format errors (i.e. filters out all internal nom parser errors)

pub fn first_msh_error(&self) -> Option<MshParserErrorKind>[src]

Returns the kind of the first error in the backtrace that is an actual MSH format error kind (i.e. skips internal nom parser errors)

impl<I: Clone> MshParserError<I>[src]

pub fn filtered_backtrace(&self) -> Vec<(I, MshParserErrorKind)>[src]

Returns a backtrace containing only the errors that are actual MSH format errors (i.e. without internal nom parser errors)

Trait Implementations

impl<I: Debug> Debug for MshParserError<I>[src]

impl<'_, I: Debug + HexDisplay + ?Sized> Display for MshParserError<&'_ I>[src]

impl<'_, I: Debug + HexDisplay + ?Sized> Error for MshParserError<&'_ I>[src]

impl<I: Debug, E: Into<MshParserError<I>>> From<Err<E>> for MshParserError<I>[src]

Convert a nom::Err to MshParserError

impl<I> ParseError<I> for MshParserError<I>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<I> RefUnwindSafe for MshParserError<I> where
    I: RefUnwindSafe

impl<I> Send for MshParserError<I> where
    I: Send

impl<I> Sync for MshParserError<I> where
    I: Sync

impl<I> Unpin for MshParserError<I> where
    I: Unpin

impl<I> UnwindSafe for MshParserError<I> where
    I: UnwindSafe

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