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Rust bindings for msdfgen. This crate attempts to bind msdfgen in a safe and idiomatic way.


Generate SDFs

use msdf::{GlyphLoader, Projection};

// Load a font from ttf data.
let face: Face;
let glyph_index = face.glyph_index('W').unwrap();

// Load a glyph into a shape using a ttf glyph index.
let shape = face.load_shape(glyph_index).unwrap();

// Not a required step for SDF and Psuedo-SDF generation. Other coloring options exist.
let colored_shape = shape.color_edges_simple(3.0);

// Project glyph down by a factor of 64x.
let projection = Projection {
    scale: Vector2 { x: 1.0 / 64.0, y: 1.0 / 64.0 },
    translation: Vector2 { x: 0.0, y: 0.0 },

// Using default configuration.
let sdf_config = Default::default();
let msdf_config = Default::default();

// Generate all types of SDF. Plain SDFs and Psuedo-SDFs do not require edge coloring.
let sdf   = colored_shape.generate_sdf(32, 32, 10.0 * 64.0, &projection, &sdf_config);
let psdf  = colored_shape.generate_psuedo_sdf(32, 32, 10.0 * 64.0, &projection, &sdf_config);
let msdf  = colored_shape.generate_msdf(32, 32, 10.0 * 64.0, &projection, &msdf_config);
let mtsdf = colored_shape.generate_mtsdf(32, 32, 10.0 * 64.0, &projection, &msdf_config);

// Do something with these SDFs.
// let image: DynamicImage = DynamicImage::from(msdf.to_image());
// image.into_rgba8().save("mysdf.png").unwrap();

Render SDFs to images

// Load MSDF from an image::Rgb32FImage.
let msdf = MSDF::from_image(image, 10.0, 0.5);

// Render to a 1024x1024 image.
let rendered = msdf.render(1024, 1024);

// Render to a 1024x1024 image with edge colors.
let rendered_colored = msdf.render_colored(1024, 1024);

// Do something with these images.
// let image: DynamicImage = DynamicImage::from(rendered);
// image.into_rgba8().save("myrenderedsdf.png").unwrap();


A shape that has been colored by one of the coloring functions. A shape must be colored first before it can be used to generate an MSDF or MTSDF.
The configuration for the MSDF error correction pass.
A multi-channel signed distance field. Backed by a three-channel f32 image.
Configuration for multi-channel SDF calculation.
A multi-channel signed distance field with true distance. Backed by a four-channel f32 image.
Specifies scale and translation for SDF generation.
A conventional single-channel signed distance field. Backed by a single-channel f32 image.
Configuration for single-channel SDF calculation.
An msdfgen shape. Can be used to generate an SDF or Psuedo-SDF. Must be colored first using a coloring function to generate a MSDF or MTSDF.


Configuration of whether to use an algorithm that computes the exact shape distance at the positions of suspected artifacts.
Error correction mode of operation.
Type for errors emitted by the generator.


Trait for various types of SDFs. Can be converted to an image, or rendered with SDFTrait::render / SDFTrait::render_colored.

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