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MQTT protocol utilities library

Strictly implements protocol of MQTT v3.1.1


use std::io::Cursor;

use mqtt::{Encodable, Decodable};
use mqtt::packet::{VariablePacket, PublishPacket, QoSWithPacketIdentifier};
use mqtt::TopicName;

// Create a new Publish packet
let packet = PublishPacket::new(TopicName::new("mqtt/learning").unwrap(),
                                b"Hello MQTT!".to_vec());

// Encode
let mut buf = Vec::new();
packet.encode(&mut buf).unwrap();
println!("Encoded: {:?}", buf);

// Decode it with known type
let mut dec_buf = Cursor::new(&buf[..]);
let decoded = PublishPacket::decode(&mut dec_buf).unwrap();
println!("Decoded: {:?}", decoded);
assert_eq!(packet, decoded);

// Auto decode by the fixed header
let mut dec_buf = Cursor::new(&buf[..]);
let auto_decode = VariablePacket::decode(&mut dec_buf).unwrap();
println!("Variable packet decode: {:?}", auto_decode);
assert_eq!(VariablePacket::PublishPacket(packet), auto_decode);


pub use self::encodable::Decodable;
pub use self::encodable::Encodable;
pub use self::qos::QualityOfService;
pub use self::topic_filter::TopicFilter;
pub use self::topic_filter::TopicFilterRef;
pub use self::topic_name::TopicName;
pub use self::topic_name::TopicNameRef;


Control packets

Encodable traits

Specific packets

QoS (Quality of Services)

Topic filter

Topic name