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This crate implements VHDL for the moore compiler.


pub extern crate moore_vhdl_syntax as _;
pub use moore_vhdl_syntax as syntax;


A context within which nodes can be added.

Multi-type arena allocation

Builtin libraries, packages, types, and functions.

LLHD code generation for VHDL.

A compiler pass that gathers definitions.

The High-level Intermediate Representation of a VHDL design.

This module implements constant value calculation for VHDL.

This module implements constant values for VHDL.

An implementation of lazy compiler passes.

A context within which compiler passes can be described.


Overload resolution for subprograms and enum literals.

Facilities to manage declarations and resolve names.

Facilities to manage declarations and resolve names.

This module implements the scoreboard that drives the compilation of VHDL.


This module implements VHDL types.

The VHDL type system.

This module implements the type calculation of the scoreboard.


Generate a collection of arenas for different types.