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Modular arithmetic

edition: Rust-2018

Modular arithmetic is a system of arithmetic for integers, where numbers "wrap around" upon reaching a certain value - which is known as the modulus. A common example would be values on a clock, which wrap around the modulus 12 (for a 12-hour clock)

For further information on modular arithmetic, see the wikipedia article on the same.

This crate allows for the creation and usage of such numbers.

1. Usage

To use this crate, add it to your Cargo.toml. Sample usage is shown below


use modular::*;

// Create a new modulo number from an integer, given a modulus
let mod_num = 76.to_modulo(7);
let mod_num2 = 45.to_modulo(16);

// This is equivalent to using the modulo! macro
let mod_mac = modulo!(76, 7);
let mod_mac2 = modulo!(78, 16);

// Check equality
assert!(mod_num == mod_mac);
assert!(mod_num2 != mod_mac2);

// Addition
assert_eq!(mod_num + mod_mac, modulo!(5, 7));

// Subtraction
assert_eq!(mod_mac2 - mod_num2, modulo!(1, 16));

// Multipication
assert_eq!(mod_num * mod_mac, modulo!(1, 7));

// Congruence
assert!(76.is_congruent(41, 7));

Further examples are given in the examples folder.

2. Installation

For development, you can fork this repo, or clone it directly from github/gitlab. The repo comes with examples of usage in the /examples directory.

$> cd <work_dir>
$> git clone <gitlab/github>/modulo.git
$> cd modulo
$> cargo build && cargo test
$> cargo run --example fib



Creates a new Modulo instance



Holds the modulo representation of a number



Trait for modular operations on integers