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Modular FROST

A modular implementation of FROST for any curve with a ff/group API. Additionally, custom algorithms may be specified so any signature reducible to Schnorr-like may be used with FROST.

A Schnorr algorithm is provided, of the form (R, s) where s = r + cx, which allows specifying the challenge format. This is intended to easily allow integrating with existing systems.

This library offers ciphersuites compatible with the IETF draft. Currently, version 11 is supported.

This library was audited by Cypher Stack in March 2023, culminating in commit 669d2dbffc1dafb82a09d9419ea182667115df06. Any subsequent changes have not undergone auditing. While this audit included FROST’s definition of Ed448, the underlying Ed448 ciphersuite (offered by the ciphersuite crate) was not audited, nor was the minimal-ed448 crate implementing the curve itself.



  • Algorithm for the signing process.
  • Curve trait and provided curves/HRAMs, forming various ciphersuites.
  • Threshold signing protocol.
  • teststests
    Tests for application-provided curves and algorithms.


  • Distributed key generation protocol. The ID of a participant, defined as a non-zero u16.
  • Distributed key generation protocol. Keys and verification shares generated by a DKG. Called core as they’re expected to be wrapped into an Arc before usage in various operations.
  • Distributed key generation protocol. Threshold keys usable for signing.
  • Distributed key generation protocol. Parameters for a multisig.
  • Distributed key generation protocol. View of keys, interpolated and offset for usage.



  • Validate a map of values to have the expected participants.