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modelator is a framework for model-based testing.


pub use datachef::Recipe;
pub use event::ActionHandler;
pub use event::Event;
pub use event::EventRunner;
pub use event::EventStream;
pub use event::StateHandler;
pub use step_runner::StepRunner;


List of artifacts.

Command-line interface.

Datastructure converter. Allows to define conversion rules to make (cook) concrete data-structures from the abstract ones for testing purposes.

A framework for event-based testing of message-passing systems with possibly partitioned system state.

Model checkers and languages.

A runner for steps obtained from Json traces

Testing utilities

Provides the way to run sets of test functions on several kinds of test inputs.


Set of options to configure modelator runtime.

Wraps the data from running test(s), allowing more convenient access to the results.


Set of possible errors that can occur when running modelator.

Set of possible errors that can occur when running a test using modelator.