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Modbus implementation in pure Rust.


use modbus::{Client, Coil};
use modbus::tcp;

let mut cfg = tcp::Config::default();
let mut client = tcp::Transport::new_with_cfg("", cfg).unwrap();
assert!(client.write_single_coil(0, Coil::On).is_ok());


pub use tcp::Config;
pub use tcp::Transport;


A set of objects which automatically change their register or coil value when they go out of scope

The Modbus TCP backend implements a Modbus variant used for communication over TCP/IPv4 networks.


Single bit status values, used in read or write coil functions

Combination of Modbus, IO and data corruption errors

Modbus exception codes returned from the server.

InvalidData reasons


Type Definitions

Result type used to nofify success or failure in communication