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The MOC library contains the core functionalities to create and maniuplates MOCs.

it is used in MOCPy, moc-cli and moc-wasm.

The library is not (yet?) properly documented. To use it, we so far recommend to look at the source code of the tools using it (moc-wasm for example).


  • Contains the code relative to the deserialization and serialization of MOCs.
  • This module contains the trait defining the type Idx that can be used to represent the index value of a MOC cell, associated with utility constants and methods.
  • A MOC is a set of ordered, non-overlapping MOC elements, associated to a maximum depth.
  • Very generic ranges operations


  • Init the number of threads for parallel tasks. Must be called only once! If not called, the default number of threads is the number of physical core. See rayon doc