Struct mlua::LuaOptions[][src]

pub struct LuaOptions { pub catch_rust_panics: bool, }

Controls Lua interpreter behaviour such as Rust panics handling.

Fields (Non-exhaustive)

Non-exhaustive structs could have additional fields added in future. Therefore, non-exhaustive structs cannot be constructed in external crates using the traditional Struct {{ .. }} syntax; cannot be matched against without a wildcard ..; and struct update syntax will not work.
catch_rust_panics: bool

Catch Rust panics when using pcall/xpcall.

If disabled, wraps these functions and automatically resumes panic if found. Also in Lua 5.1 adds ability to provide arguments to xpcall similar to Lua >= 5.2.

If enabled, keeps pcall/xpcall unmodified. Panics are still automatically resumed if returned back to the Rust side.

Default: true


impl LuaOptions[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Retruns a new instance of LuaOptions with default parameters.

pub fn catch_rust_panics(self, enabled: bool) -> Self[src]

Sets catch_rust_panics option.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for LuaOptions[src]

impl Debug for LuaOptions[src]

impl Default for LuaOptions[src]

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