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A library to parse commit messages in git hooks

Make it a bit easier to write lints and for git hooks


use indoc::indoc;
use mit_commit::{Bodies, CommitMessage, Subject};

let message = CommitMessage::from(indoc!(
    Update bashrc to include kubernetes completions

    This should make it easier to deploy things for the developers.
    Benchmarked with Hyperfine, no noticable performance decrease.

    ; Bitte geben Sie eine Commit-Beschreibung f\u{00FC}r Ihre \u{00E4}nderungen ein. Zeilen,
    ; die mit ';' beginnen, werden ignoriert, und eine leere Beschreibung
    ; bricht den Commit ab.
    ; Datum:            Sat Jun 27 21:40:14 2020 +0200
    ; Auf Branch master
    ; Initialer Commit
    ; Zum Commit vorgemerkte \u{00E4}nderungen:
    ;    neue Datei:     .bashrc
    Subject::from("Update bashrc to include kubernetes completions")


A collection of user input [CommitMessage] text

A single contiguous block of [CommitMessage] text

A single comment from a CommitMessage

A collection of comments from a [CommitMessage]

A CommitMessage, the primary entry point to the library

The Scissors from a [CommitMessage]

The Subject from the [CommitMessage]

A Trailer you might see a in a [CommitMessage], for example ‘Co-authored-by: Billie Thompson billie@example.com

A Collection of Trailer


Errors on reading c commits

A Fragment from the [CommitMessage], either a comment or body

Errors in parsing potential trailers