[][src]Type Definition minitt::ast::CaseTree

type CaseTree = GenericCaseTree<Either<Value, Expression>, Value>;

SClos in Mini-TT.
Case tree.

Trait Implementations

impl ReadBack for CaseTree[src]

type NormalForm = NormalCaseTree

Corresponding normal form type for the read-backable structures. This is needed because Rust does not support Higher-Kinded Types :( Read more

fn read_back_please(self) -> Self::NormalForm[src]

Sometimes you don't want to pass an argument, and let me do this for you :)

fn normal(
    index: u32,
    me: Self,
    other: Self
) -> (Self::NormalForm, Self::NormalForm)

eqNf in Mini-TT, but returning normal forms for error reporting. Whether two structures are equivalent up to normal form. Read more