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A minimal (i.e. very incomplete) implementation of a Redis server and client.

The purpose of this project is to provide a larger example of an asynchronous Rust project built with Tokio. Do not attempt to run this in production… seriously.


The library is structured such that it can be used with guides. There are modules that are public that probably would not be public in a “real” redis client library.

The major components are:

  • server: Redis server implementation. Includes a single run function that takes a TcpListener and starts accepting redis client connections.

  • client: an asynchronous Redis client implementation. Demonstrates how to build clients with Tokio.

  • cmd: implementations of the supported Redis commands.

  • frame: represents a single Redis protocol frame. A frame is used as an intermediate representation between a “command” and the byte representation.


pub use cmd::Command;
pub use frame::Frame;


Minimal blocking Redis client implementation

Minimal Redis client implementation

Provides a type representing a Redis protocol frame as well as utilities for parsing frames from a byte array.

Minimal Redis server implementation


Send and receive Frame values from a remote peer.


Default port that a redis server listens on.


Create a new client request buffer

Type Definitions

Error returned by most functions.

A specialized Result type for mini-redis operations.