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Mime is now Media Type, technically, but Mime is more immediately understandable, so the main type here is Mime.

What is Mime?

Example mime string: text/plain

let plain_text: mime::Mime = "text/plain".parse().unwrap();
assert_eq!(plain_text, mime::TEXT_PLAIN);

Inspecting Mimes

let mime = mime::TEXT_PLAIN;
match (mime.type_(), mime.subtype()) {
    (mime::TEXT, mime::PLAIN) => println!("plain text!"),
    (mime::TEXT, _) => println!("structured text"),
    _ => println!("not text"),


  • An error when parsing a Mime from a string.
  • A parsed mime or media type.
  • An iterator of parsed mime
  • A section of a Mime.
  • An iterator over the parameters of a MIME.