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microkv is a persistent key-value store implemented in Rust, aiming to maintain a balance between security and performance. It is built out of a yearning to learn more about the intricacies of distributed systems, databases, and secure persistent storage.

While microkv shouldn’t be used in large-scale environments that facilitate an insane volume of transactional interactions, it is still optimal for use in a production-grade system/application that may not require the complex luxuries of a full-blown database or even industry-standard KV-store like Redis or LevelDB.

Use cases

Here are some specific use-cases that you may want to use microkv for:

  • Local persistent serialization for sensitive configurations
  • Secrets management for a single-process application
  • License key management


pub use self::kv::MicroKV;


Defines a portable error-handling module for use when encountering runtime exceptions.

Defines the foundational structure and API for the key-value store implementation. The kv module should be used to spin up localized instances of the key-value store.