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Scrolling text on a 5×5 display (for example, a micro:bit).


This crate provides:

  • a simple 5×5 image type;
  • a copy of the ‘pendolino’ font from the micro:bit runtime;
  • support for scrolling a sequence of 5×5 images;
  • support for scrolling text.

These are all for use with the tiny-led-matrix crate.

Simple images

The image module provides a BitImage type for non-greyscale 5x5 images.


The font module provides 5×5 representations of the ascii printable characters as BitImages.

These are taken from the “pendolino” font supplied with the micro:bit runtime.

Scrolling images and text

The scrolling_text module supports horizontally scrolling messages, providing ScrollingStaticText and ScrollingBufferedText types.

The scrolling_statics module supports horizontal scrolling for an arbitrary static sequence of images via a ScrollingStatics type.

The scrolling module provides interfaces used by types implementing horizontal scrolling, including the Animate trait used to control the scrolling behaviour.


A 5×5 ascii font.

Static 5×5 black-and-white images.

Support for scrolling sequences of 5×5 images horizontally.

Support for scrolling arbitrary static images horizontally.

Support for scrolling ascii text horizontally.