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memflow is a library that allows live memory introspection of running systems and their snapshots. Due to its modular approach it trivial to support almost any scenario where Direct Memory Access is available.

The very core of the library is a PhysicalMemory that provides direct memory access in an abstract environment. This object that can be defined both statically, and dynamically with the use of the inventory feature. If inventory is enabled, it is possible to dynamically load libraries that provide Direct Memory Access.

Through the use of OS abstraction layers, like memflow-win32, user can gain access to virtual memory of individual processes, by creating objects that implement VirtualMemory.

Bridging the two is done by a highly throughput optimized virtual address translation function, which allows for crazy fast memory transfers at scale.

The core is architecture independent (as long as addresses fit in 64-bits), and currently both 32, and 64-bit versions of the x86 family are available to be used.

For non-rust libraries, it is possible to use the FFI to interface with the library.

You will almost always import this module when working with memflow.


pub use prelude::v1::*;



Module for handling different architectures in memflow.


Module containing basic connector and inventory related functions.


Specialized Error and Result types for memflow.


Special purpose iterators for memflow.


This module covers all implementations and traits related to reading/writing physical and virtual memory.


Traits for OS independent process abstractions.


Module with basic types used in memflow.