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meio - lightweight async actor framework for Rust. The main benefit of this framework is that gives you tiny extension over tokio with full control.

It’s designed for professional applications where you can’t have strong restrictions and have keep flexibility.

Also this crate has zero-cost runtime. It just calls async method of your type.


pub use crate::handlers::Action;
pub use crate::handlers::ActionHandler;
pub use crate::handlers::Consumer;
pub use crate::handlers::Eliminated;
pub use crate::handlers::InstantAction;
pub use crate::handlers::InstantActionHandler;
pub use crate::handlers::Interact;
pub use crate::handlers::Interaction;
pub use crate::handlers::InteractionDone;
pub use crate::handlers::InteractionHandler;
pub use crate::handlers::InteractionResponder;
pub use crate::handlers::InteractionTask;
pub use crate::handlers::InterruptedBy;
pub use crate::handlers::Parcel;
pub use crate::handlers::Scheduled;
pub use crate::handlers::StartedBy;
pub use crate::handlers::StreamAcceptor;
pub use crate::handlers::TaskEliminated;
pub use crate::ids::Id;
pub use crate::ids::IdOf;
pub use crate::signal;
pub use crate::system::System;
pub use crate::task;


This module contains the Envelope that allow to call methods of actors related to a sepcific imcoming message.

Contains typed and generic id types.

Contains modules of different ways to communicate with Actors.

Module contains stream to connect signals to actors.

This module contains System actor.

This module contains useful tasks that you can attach to an Actor.

Special module to run a supervisor in a separate thread.


Address to send messages to Actor.

Context of a ActorRuntime that contains Address and Receiver.

The set of multiple recipients that sends actions in parallel.

Contains a receiver with a status of a task.

Contains a sender to update a status of a task.

Address of a spawned task.

Set of tasks that can be stopped together.


Status of the task.

An error that can happen in a task.


Abstract Address to the Actor that can handle a specific message type.

The main trait. Your structs have to implement it to be compatible with ActorRuntime and Address system.

Abstract Address to the Actor that can handle an interaction.

Minimalistic actor that hasn’t Address.

Just receives a stop signal.

Custom tag for LiteTask. Attached to a runtime.