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Mdrv is a modular driver based on Mio for managing multiple connections over different protocols


The core of the Mdrv funtionality is the Driver structure. In maintains an event loop which manages entities called proxies.

Proxy instances are passed to the driver to be inserted in event loop. They can maintain different connections and reads and writes data over them.

Because of the proxy is moved to the driver we cannot directly access it. The Handle is the way to communicate with the proxy by sending commands and receiving responces.

The pair of Handle and ProxyWrapper (the Proxy instance, that implements communication with the handle) is usually constructed by create() function. This function takes user-defined structs that should implement UserProxy and UserHandle traits. Also a command set should be defined for communication between proxy and handle. These commands have to be able to convert from and into the basic Tx and Rx commands by implementing From and Into traits.

The example dummy implementation of user structures could be found in dummy module.

Simple example

use mdrv::{channel, driver, dummy};
// create driver instance
let mut driver = driver::Driver::new().unwrap();
// create dummy proxy and handle pair
let (proxy, mut handle) = dummy::create().unwrap();

// We need a simple poll to wait for messages on handle
// A regular mio::Poll also can be used for that
let mut poll = channel::SinglePoll::new(&handle.rx).unwrap();

// wait for one message from proxy to arrive
dummy::wait_msgs(&mut handle, &mut poll, 1).unwrap();
// read message received
match handle.user.msgs.pop_front().unwrap() {
    dummy::Rx::Attached => println!("attached to the driver"),
    other => panic!("{:?}", other),

// now we don't need our proxy anymore
handle.close().unwrap(); // this also called on handle drop
// wait for proxy to be closed
dummy::wait_close(&mut handle, &mut poll).unwrap();
// read messages again
match handle.user.msgs.pop_front().unwrap() {
    dummy::Rx::Detached => println!("detached from the driver"),
    other => panic!("{:?}", other),
match handle.user.msgs.pop_front().unwrap() {
    dummy::Rx::Closed => println!("proxy has been dropped"),
    other => panic!("{:?}", other),


pub use error::Error;
pub use result::Result;