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Mattermost API wrapper.

For the full Mattermost API information, see their docs.

To start, create an instance of the AuthenticationData struct, passing in either a login_id and password (likely email and password), or a personal access token. Pass this struct instance along with the URL of the target Mattermost instance to Mattermost::new.


use mattermost_api::prelude::*;
let auth = AuthenticationData::from_password("", "password");
let mut api = Mattermost::new("", auth);
let team_info = api.get_team("Best-Team-Ever").await.unwrap();


Client struct and functions for interacting with the REST API.


Struct models for API requests and responses.

Module for easy imports.

Websocket client and trait for interacting with the websocket API.


Re-exported since websocket events have untyped data for now