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This program orchestrates a Clockwork worker network deployed across a Solana cluster. It implements a PoS protocol that allows workers to rotate into “pools” proportionately to the amount of stake delgated to them. It also provides accounts for workers to collect fees and distribute those fees to delegators.


  • An Anchor generated module, providing a set of structs mirroring the structs deriving Accounts, where each field is a Pubkey. This is useful for specifying accounts for a client.
  • An Anchor generated module containing the program’s set of instructions, where each method handler in the #[program] mod is associated with a struct defining the input arguments to the method. These should be used directly, when one wants to serialize Anchor instruction data, for example, when speciying instructions on a client.
  • Module representing the program.


  • The static program ID


  • Confirms that a given pubkey is equivalent to the program ID
  • The Anchor codegen exposes a programming model where a user defines a set of methods inside of a #[program] module in a way similar to writing RPC request handlers. The macro then generates a bunch of code wrapping these user defined methods into something that can be executed on Solana.
  • Safety
  • Returns the program ID