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Marked YAML

Currently this library only supports loading YAML from strings, but this is sufficient for most users’ purposes. We would not recommend an un-streamed processing engine for massive data anyway.

To load some YAML you simply need to:

let node = marked_yaml::parse_yaml(0, r#"
toplevel: must be a mapping
 - it
 - may
 - contain lists
 mappings: are permitted
 as: sub-mappings

Parsing a valid YAML file may fail because marked_yaml adds some additional constraints:

  • The top level of the YAML MUST be a mapping.
  • Mapping keys MUST be scalars (strings).
  • Aliases and anchors MAY NOT be used (though this limit may be lifted in the future).

In addition, you can convert between marked_yaml::Node and yaml_rust::Yaml though doing so will not give you any useful markers.


pub use loader::parse_yaml;
pub use loader::LoadError;
pub use types::Marker;
pub use types::Node;
pub use types::Span;


Loading YAML

Various basic types for YAML handling