[][src]Crate managed_thread

The goal of this library is to allow you to create worker threads, whilst being confident that they will be cleaned up again and you don't "leak" threads.

This is achieved by passing a Signal object to the newly spawned thread. The thread is responsible for checking this signal for whether it should terminate or not.

Therefore this library's concept is not 100% foolproof. Due to the nature of threads, there is no way in Rust to forcibly terminating a thread. So we rely on the thread to be wellbehaved and terminate if asked to do so.

use managed_thread;

// channel to communicate back to main thread
let (tx, rx) = std::sync::mpsc::channel::<()>();
let owned_thread = managed_thread::spawn_owned(move |signal| {
                                while signal.should_continue() {
                                    // do some work
                                // Send a signal that this thread is exiting

// The owned thread will now terminate
// confirm that the managed_thread has terminated



The OwnedThread represents a handle to a thread that was spawned using spawn_owned.


The signal type that is passed to the thread.



The main function of this library.