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This crate defines Floats, which are arbitrary-precision floating-point numbers.

Floats are currently experimental. They are missing many important functions. However, the functions that are currently implemented are thoroughly tested and documented, with the exception of string conversion functions. The current string conversions are incomplete and will be changed in the future to match MPFR’s behavior.

§Demos and benchmarks

This crate comes with a bin target that can be used for running demos and benchmarks.

  • Almost all of the public functions in this crate have an associated demo. Running a demo shows you a function’s behavior on a large number of inputs. TODO
  • You can use a similar command to run benchmarks. TODO

The list of available demos and benchmarks is not documented anywhere; you must find them by browsing through bin_util/demo_and_bench.


  • 32_bit_limbs: Sets the type of Limb to u32 instead of the default, u64.
  • test_build: A large proportion of the code in this crate is only used for testing. For a typical user, building this code would result in an unnecessarily long compilation time and an unnecessarily large binary. My solution is to only build this code when the test_build feature is enabled. If you want to run unit tests, you must enable test_build. However, doctests don’t require it, since they only test the public interface.
  • bin_build: This feature is used to build the code for demos and benchmarks, which also takes a long time to build. Enabling this feature also enables test_build.