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Core routines shared by all libraries

This crate provides a set of core routines shared by the decoders and encoders under zune umbrella

It currently contains

  • A bytestream reader and writer with endian aware reads and writes
  • Colorspace and bit depth information shared by images
  • Image decoder and encoder options
  • A simple enum type to hold image decoding results.

This library is #[no_std] with alloc feature needed for defining Vec which we need for storing decoded bytes.


  • no_std: Enables #[no_std] compilation support.

  • serde: Enables serializing of some of the data structures present in the crate


  • Image bit depth, information and manipulations
  • A simple implementation of a bytestream reader and writer.
  • Image Colorspace information and manipulation utilities.
  • Decoder and Encoder Options
  • Decoding results for images