[][src]Struct madhouse_steve_tmi::Tmi

pub struct Tmi { /* fields omitted */ }

The structure to handle the Twitch Messaging Interface

Examples are available in the top level Crate documentation


impl Tmi[src]

pub fn new(oauth: String, nick: String, rooms: Vec<String>) -> Tmi[src]

Creates a new Twitch Messaging Interface structure

pub fn send(&mut self, message: String)[src]

Sends a raw message to the IRC server

pub fn send_to_channel(&mut self, message: String, channel: String)[src]

Sends a message in to the specified channel

pub fn start(&mut self) -> (JoinHandle<()>, Receiver<DecodedMessage>)[src]

Starts the polling thread, returning a receiver channel and a join handle

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for Tmi

impl Send for Tmi

impl Sync for Tmi

impl Unpin for Tmi

impl UnwindSafe for Tmi

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