Struct lp_modeler::dsl::problem::LpProblem[][src]

pub struct LpProblem {
    pub name: &'static str,
    pub unique_name: String,
    pub objective_type: LpObjective,
    pub obj_expr_arena: Option<LpExpression>,
    pub constraints: Vec<LpConstraint>,

Structure used for creating the model and solving a linear problem.


use lp_modeler::dsl::*;
use lp_modeler::solvers::{SolverTrait, CbcSolver, Solution};

let ref a = LpInteger::new("a");
let ref b = LpInteger::new("b");
let ref c = LpInteger::new("c");

let mut problem = LpProblem::new("One Problem", LpObjective::Maximize);
problem += 10.0 * a + 20.0 * b;

problem += (500*a + 1200*b + 1500*c).le(10000);
problem += (a + b*2 + c).le(10);
problem += (a).le(b);

let solver = CbcSolver::new();

match {
Ok( solution ) => {
    println!("Status {:?}", solution.status);
        for (name, value) in solution.results.iter() {
            println!("value of {} = {}", name, value);
    Err(msg) => println!("{}", msg),


name: &'static strunique_name: Stringobjective_type: LpObjectiveobj_expr_arena: Option<LpExpression>constraints: Vec<LpConstraint>


impl LpProblem[src]

pub fn new(name: &'static str, objective: LpObjective) -> LpProblem[src]

Create a new problem

pub fn variables(&self) -> HashMap<String, (usize, usize)>[src]

Trait Implementations

impl AddAssign<LpConstraint> for LpProblem[src]

Add constraints

impl<T> AddAssign<T> for LpProblem where
    T: Into<LpExpression>, 

Add an expression as an objective function

impl Debug for LpProblem[src]

impl LpFileFormat for LpProblem[src]

impl Problem for LpProblem[src]

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