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Localoco is a simple library that brings the ability of translating strings to your application. The core of it is to use a translation key to replace the string to be displayed and then load a specified strings file (according to the language/region settings).

To ensure the loading of the so-called “string file” is fast, we compile it into a binary form so that it will be easier to parse at runtime. This work could be done as your Rust code being compiled. The strings file will be originally written in json, which is a human-readable text format, and finally transpiled into a binary form, being ready to be loaded at runtime.


  • This module contains some utilities for buildscript. This module contains utilify functions for build scripts to compile json files into binary files.
  • This module contains a function that compiles strings files in JSON into their binary representation for faster loading at runtime.
  • Locale names list.
  • This module contains things about strings data, which is basically a data structure represents a strings file at runtime.
  • This module contains some utility functions that you may use in your application.