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A library that helps you read from a MAX6675 over Linux SPI.


To use this library, you’ll need to know which SPI device to select. On Linux, you can use ls /dev -1 | grep spidev to figure it out!

Then, you can use something like this example in your binary…

fn main() -> anyhow::Result<()> {
    use linux_max6675::Max6675;
    use std::time::Duration;

    let mut max = Max6675::new("/dev/spidev0.0")?;


    loop {
        println!("Read Celsius! Got: {}° C.", max.read_celsius()?);



  • A representation of the MAX6675 thermocouple digitizer.


  • An error emitted due to problems with the MAX6675.
  • A value that’s one of many common temperature units.